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on view July 15th – Aug 31st

Hogan Brown Gallery proudly presents "Six Degrees of Separation," an exhibition unveiling the intricate web of

connections between artists and the vibrant city of Houston. Curated by Hogan Brown’s creative director and

multidisciplinary artist Robert Hodge, this groundbreaking showcase unites a diverse range of artists, including emerging

talents, mid-career luminaries, and renowned figures with close connections to the city.

The concept behind "Six Degrees of Separation" embraces the universal truth that we are all fundamentally connected,

with each individual linked by a mere six degrees of separation. Inspired by the groundbreaking experiments of social

psychologist Stanley Milgram in the 1960s, this exhibition delves into the profound interconnections within Houston's

artistic community, emphasizing the gallery’s role as a vibrant hub of creative exchange.

"Six Degrees of Separation" celebrates Houston's rich artistic landscape, featuring carefully curated artworks across

various mediums. Visitors are invited on a journey through shared experiences, influences, and narratives that unite

these remarkable artists, revealing the profound impact interconnectedness has had on their artistic development and

creative expression.

The exhibition showcases emerging talents whose innovative approaches infuse the exhibition with dynamism and

discovery that reflect the ever-evolving nature of Houston's creative scene. In contrast, mid-career artists have already

established themselves as prominent voices in the art world. Their works exhibit mastery of technique and profound

artistic exploration, solidifying their positions as influential figures in contemporary art.

Adding depth and prestige to the exhibition, renowned artists lend their visionary creations, resonating both locally and

internationally. Their artistry embodies the cumulative wisdom and profound experiences acquired throughout their

illustrious careers, leaving an indelible mark on Houston's artistic landscape. "Six Degrees of Separation" will be on view

at Hogan Brown Gallery through August 31.


Dawolu Jabari Anderson

Jerrin "Jerk" beasley

Wayne J Bell Jr.

Tay Butler


Crystal Coulter


David "Odiwams" Wright

Lance Flowers

Tierney L. Malone

Kaima Marie

Christine Miller

Floyd Newsum

Lovie Olivia

Stephen Senegal

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